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Residential Junk Removal Services

Experience the Difference: Top-Notch Residential Junk Removal Services

Residential Services

Life can get busy, and clutter can pile up quickly in a home. But a cluttered home doesn't have to be a source of stress. Our residential junk removal services are here to help you reclaim your space, so you can enjoy your home to the fullest. With our expert team of junk removal specialists, we'll make sure your home is clean and organized in no time.

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Household Junk Removal

Revitalize your home with Jersey Junkers™ Household Junk Removal. From kids' toys to broken electronics and old clothes, we manage it all. Our team offers quick removal to free up home space. Trust Jersey Junkers™ for responsible disposal and a clutter-free home.


Furniture Removal Services

Refresh your home with Jersey Junkers™ Furniture Removal Service. We handle sofas, beds, dressers, and more with speed and efficiency. Our expert team ensures hassle-free removal, allowing you to enjoy a more open living space. Trust Jersey Junkers™ for responsible disposal and a seamless experience.

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Garage Clean-Out


Transform your garage with Jersey Junkers™ Garage Clean-Out Service. From tools and scrap wood to snowblowers and old bikes, we handle it all. Our team excels in quickly clearing out bagged junk, lawn tools, and much more. Trust Jersey Junkers™ for eco-friendly disposal and a revamped garage space.


Cardboard & Recycling Removal

Solve your cardboard woes with Jersey Junkers™ Cardboard Removal Service. Just moved in? Overwhelmed with Amazon boxes? We understand how tough it can be to dispose of bulk cardboard through town services. Our team quickly removes all your cardboard and ensures eco-friendly recycling. Choose Jersey Junkers™ for hassle-free cardboard solutions.


Mattress Removal


Upgrade your sleep space with Jersey Junkers™ Mattress Removal Service. Tired of that old, lumpy mattress? Our team specializes in quick and efficient removal, making room for your new bed. Trust Jersey Junkers™ for responsible disposal and a refreshed bedroom experience.


Quarterly Pick-Up Programs

Unveil the ease of our Exclusive Quarterly Pick-Up Program. Benefit from a dedicated team and quarterly pickups, all while enjoying a special discount on premium service. Choose Jersey Junkers™ for seamless scheduling and a hassle-free experience.


Estate/Property Clean-Outs

Ease the process of estate clean-outs with Jersey Junkers™. Our specialized team handles the removal of furniture, belongings, and more from residential estates. Trust in our responsible disposal methods and enjoy a stress-free experience. Choose Jersey Junkers™ to simplify the complexities of estate clean-outs.




Reclaim your backyard with Jersey Junkers™ Swing Set Removal Service. Whether it's metal or wood, our skilled team dismantles and removes old swing sets. Trust us for responsible disposal, offering you a hassle-free way to update your outdoor space. Choose Jersey Junkers™ for a swift, eco-friendly solution.


Storage Unit

Junk Removal

Unlock more space with Jersey Junkers™ Storage Unit Clean-Out Service. From old furniture to forgotten boxes, our team efficiently clears out your storage units. Rely on our responsible disposal and recycling practices for a worry-free experience. Choose Jersey Junkers™ to make the most of your storage investments.


Above Ground Pool Demo & Disposal

Revitalize your yard with Jersey Junkers™ Above Ground Pool Removal Service. Our team efficiently dismantles and removes unwanted pools, giving you back valuable outdoor space. Trust in our eco-friendly disposal methods for a seamless, hassle-free experience. Choose Jersey Junkers™ to safely and responsibly reclaim your backyard.


Billiard Table Removal 

Upgrade your game room with Jersey Junkers™ Billiard Table Removal Service. Our skilled team carefully dismantles and removes outdated billiard tables. Rely on our responsible disposal and recycling methods for a smooth, worry-free experience. Choose Jersey Junkers™ to make room for new entertainment possibilities.


Hot Tub Removal & Disconnect Service

Choose Jersey Junkers™ Hot Tub Removal and Disconnect Service for more than just removal. Our team expertly manages complex disconnections, dismantling, and responsible disposal. We offer a complete, worry-free solution that makes the investment worthwhile. Trust Jersey Junkers™ for thorough and efficient hot tub removal.

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