How pricing works.

Call now to schedule a free on-site estimate. Rates start as low as $149

We offer Senior discounts!

Our truck team will price your job on site, single item pricing can sometimes be done over phone.
It is generally based on how much space your stuff takes up in the truck.
We have 14 prices that range from our minimum pick up fee, to a whole truck full.
Each price represents more space being used in the truck. 1/8 truck, 1/2 truck, 3/4 truck, etc.

  1. Two-Junk Removal Experts

  2. Junk Disposal Costs

  3. Fuel Costs

  4. All Equipment 

  5. Free sweep-up!

Your custom price includes:

Specialty Pricing

  • Construction Debris, concrete, drywall, stone, wood, tile, and general building materials

  • Hot Tub Removal

  • Items the require special disassembly such as decks, bunk beds, some exercise equipment, pool tables, custom wall units, etc.

  • Above Ground Pools

  • Item bagging service

  • Tires

  • Television Sets 

  • Hoarder Situations

  • Buildings with elevators