How We Price


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We always give you our best price, with no hassle. We charge based on volume, for just about everything. Meaning, how much space your items take in our truck, there will be a price increment for it. We have different price increments, ranging from our minimum charge to our full truck rate. Volume meaning how much space the stuff that you have takes up. 

Our pricing structure saves you money the more junk you have!

Our volume based pricing always includes:

  • Labor

  • Disposal Fees

  • Gas

  • Transfer Cost

  • Equipment



Some jobs we must charge differently those include:

  • Construction Debris, concrete, drywall, stone, wood, tile,

       and general building materials

  • Hot Tub Removal

  • Deck Removal

  • Above Ground Pools

  • Tires

  • Television Sets

  • Hoarder Situations


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We accept all major credit cards as well as, cash and check.

All payments can be made on site, or via phone.