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Appliance Removal

Fridges, freezers, dishwashers, and more!

Appliance Removal In New Jersey

Appliances make life easier, but not when they're outdated or broken down. Dealing with their hefty frames and complex wiring can be daunting, especially when local waste services refuse to pick them up. The thought of squeezing that bulky refrigerator or washing machine into your car? No, thank you! Reclaim your space with ease—our junk removal pros excel in quickly removing old or unwanted appliances, hassle-free.

How We Remove Appliances

We do all the heavy lifting! We'll make quick work of removing your old appliance. We remove any doors from the home that need to be removed to fit, including the ones on the appliance. If your item is in a basement we have specialized appliance hand trucks to make the process safe and efficient. From there, we'll load your items into our trucks and transport your items to their appropriate location for proper disposal.

How Our Service Works


Book online or call us at 888-533-5865


On the day of your scheduled appointment, a truck team member will reach out 30 minutes before arrival.


Show the team what you want removed. They'll give you an up-front price, which includes all the labor, and disposal


With your approval, we'll Do all the heavy lift and loading. - It doesn't get easier than that! 😊


How Much Does Appliance Removal Cost?

The cost of removing your appliance can vary on its size and location. If any doors need to be removed from the home to fit, or if the appliance itself has to be disassembled. All of our pricing is all-inclusive, meaning your price will include all of that! Pricing can start as low as $99, for a small mini-fridge that one person can carry. Pricing goes up from there, based on the location of the appliance and its size. The average cost is about $179

Your price will always include:

✓ Assessment
✓ Heavy Lifting and Loading
✓ Clean-Up
✓ Freon Disposal Charges
✓ Eco-Friendly Disposal
✓ Peace-Of-Mind


Can I dispose of an old appliance by myself?

Certainly, but it's often complex, and challenging. Removing appliances can require multiple people and specialized equipment. A fridge or freezer may even need to have the freon gases inside them removed before they can be disposed of, a task not for an average homeowner. Additionally, many towns and municipalities have strict regulations about appliance disposal, which can make it difficult to do on your own.

How much time does it take?

We're quick and convenient, that's the Jersey Junkers way. After we arrive on-site, you can expect complete removal to take about 30 minutes.

Are my appliances able to be recycled?

Yes! A lot of appliances we remove are 100% recycled.

Check Availability!


Open M-F 8am-7pm 

Sat 8am-3pm


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