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Single Item Pricing 

Jersey Junkers: Clear Pricing, Friendly Service

We'll be in and out before you know it, making your junk removal process as seamless and stress-free as possible. At Jersey Junkers™, we understand that your time is precious, which is why our team of experts is trained to handle all types of items with efficiency and care. From bulky sofas to delicate antiques, we’ve got you covered. Our flexible scheduling and competitive pricing ensure that your removal needs are met without breaking the bank. We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly disposal methods, giving your beloved items a chance for a second life whenever possible. Trust us to clear your space, leaving you with a clean slate to reimagine and revitalize your home or office. Schedule with us today, and experience the ease and convenience of our top-rated local service

Types Of Pricing

Trusted 5 Star Service For Over A Decade







Sofa Pricing

Sofa Removal Pricing

Sofas Removals:

Sofa pricing is all based on a ground level home. 5 stair max.

Traditional Sofas:

Standard 3-Person


Standard Loveseat:


Sleeper Sofas:

3 Seat Sleeper

Loveseat Sleeper



Recliner Sofas:

3 Seat Recliner


Love Seat Recliner


Combo Specials:


Standard 3-Person &
Standard Loveseat

Worker .png

Sectional Removal:

Sectional pricing is all based on a ground level home. 5 stair max.

Traditional Sectionals:

Standard 2 Piece Starts: 


$49 each piece.

Has a bed in it?

Add $50

Sectional Removal Extras:

Seats recline?

Add $8 each recliner.

Mattress Pricing

Mattress Removal Pricing

Guys with Mattress1.png


Mattress removal prices are based on up to 1 flight of stairs.

Prices by size:

Twin Size

Full Size


Queen Size


King Size



Mercer County Locations Add  $50 Due to County Specific Disposal Fees - These processing fees are out our control, and we apologize for any inconvenience

Add A Box Spring

Pricing only valid when removing the same size mattress.

Twin Size


Full Size


Queen Size


King Size



Appliance Removal Pricing

Guys grill.png

BBQ Grills:

Prices reflect ground level grills or up to 5 stairs max.

Burner Count:

2 Burner


3 Burner

4 Burner

Large or custom size?





Propane Tank Disposal $15

Natural gas disconnect $10

Pushing Refridgerator.png

Fridge or Freezers:

Removal of a fridge on a ground floor location in or outside a building

Price by size

Small Dorm Fridge


Standard 24-30in wide


Large 31-34in wide


XL 35-36in wide


Freon recovery fees are included in these prices.

*Pricing does not include sub-zero, built-its, or any type of panel ready fridge or freezer.

Exercise Equipment Pricing

Exercise Equipment
Equipment repair1.png

Exercise Equipment


First Floor


Down Stairs




If disassembly is required:

Disassembly may be required in order to exit doorways or openings

Add :$50

Excludes NordicTrack, Peloton, Reebok, and Free-Motion

Multiple Furniture Pieces

Multiple Pieces

When you have multiple items, you fall into what we call "volume-based pricing"your cost is directly tied to the volume of items you need removed, meaning, you pay for the space your items together take up. Whether you're clearing out a small space or undertaking a large decluttering project, we offer 15 flexible pricing tiers to accommodate your specific needs.

Minimum Charge.png
1_4 Truck.png
Full Truck.png
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