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Micro Pick-Up Eligibility

Sorry, Micro Pick-Ups are not eligible for your zip code at this time.

Your zip-code is eligible for our Micro Pick-Up service! 

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Micro Pick-Up, Major Relief

What Is A Micro Pick-Up?

A quick and hassle-free way to get rid of just a few items. Our Micro Pick-Up service is your go-to solution for a minimal amount of things. Priced at just $149, we provide this personalized junk removal service right to your doorstep. Our skilled specialist will handle the removal of up to five 50-gallon totes' worth of items – imagine clearing out space the size of a loveseat. Perfect for those few things you've been wanting to get rid of, without the hassle of doing the legwork yourself.

Why A Micro Pick-Up?

We do the legwork for you: save time and let us tackle the small stuff. From those awkward items that don’t quite fit in the trash to small e-waste your regular service won’t touch, we’ve got you covered. Perfect for when you have a few things to donate but no time to drive it there. Why waste a day going here or there when we can handle everything for you?

Why Only Some Eligible Zip-Codes?

Curious why our services are only available in certain zip codes? It all comes down to logistics. We've strategically selected areas that are easily accessible from major routes, close to disposal facilities, and near our truck departure points. This careful planning ensures we can provide you with the most efficient, reliable service possible.

What types of items qualify?

While not an exhaustive list, these item types of items are just some common smaller items we accept and also find people use this service for.

Small Appliances:

✓ Broken vacuums

✓ Old toasters

✓ Worn-out coffee makers

✓ Outdated microwaves

Household Items:

✓ Vases

✓ Small nightstands

✓ Picture frames

✓ Small mirrors

Small Climate Control Units:

✓ Old floor dehumidifiers

✓ Small AC units

✓ Portable heaters

✓ Air Filtration Units

Garage Items:

✓ Old bikes

✓ Boxes of old books

✓ Hand tools

✓ Small ladders

Children's Items:

✓ Kids' toys

✓ Bags of clothes

✓ Small playsets

✓ Old car seats


✓ Printers

✓ Stereo Systems

✓ Small Flat-Screens

✓ Old Computer Towers


✓ Large pieces of styrofoam

✓ Cardboard boxes

✓ Plastic containers

✓ TV Boxes

What Does Not?

X Any item that requires a 2-person lift


Open M-F 8am-7pm 

Sat 8am-2pm


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