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Volume Based Pricing

Pay for the space your items take up in our truck

At Jersey Junkers, your junk removal cost is directly tied to the volume of items you need to be removed - that is, the amount of space they take up in our truck.  Whether you're undertaking a large decluttering project, or just need to get rid of a few pieces of furniture, we offer 15 flexible pricing tiers to accommodate your specific needs.

Pricing Includes:

  • Labor to lift and load your items into our trucks

  • Transportation costs to and from disposal or donation sites

  • Disposal costs associated with your items*

Have a little more or less? Pricing is done at $50 increments. $149$199, $249, $299, $349, $399, $449, $499, $549, $599, $649, $699, $749, $799, & $849.


Micro Pick-Up

*Small One-Person Items Only No Large Items

Clean up for just $149! Our "Micro Pick-Up" service is designed for 

One-Person Items, Minimal Junk, and Maximum Convenience.

From a small closet's worth to a few manageable items, we make it hassle-free!

A loveseats space or less of junk removed

*Micro-Pick-Up is only available to limited zip codes. CHECK AVAILABILITY


Minimum Service

All pricing here and beyond comes with a team of two to do all the lifting and loading.

Kickstart your clutter-free life for just $199! Our minimum service offers an on-demand removal service of a small pile of junk.  Whether it's a few bulky items or a collection of smaller pieces, we've got you covered!

Pricing here and beyond is available to all Jersey Junkers locations.


Our 1/4 Truck Rate

Reclaim your space for just $349! Our 1/4 truck rate sweeps away clutter and item amounts equivalent to an extra large pickup truck bed. We handle the lifting and loading from inside your home to our truck.


Our 1/2 Truck Rate

Unlock spacious living with our $549 rate! This package clears out enough clutter to fill the backs of two extra large pickup trucks. We seamlessly remove and load your items, directly from any room in your home.


Our 3/4 Truck Rate

Transform your home with our $699 rate! Experience the freedom of a clutter-free space that could fill three extra large pickup trucks. We do all the lifting and loading, so you can enjoy your newly reclaimed space.


Our Full Truck Rate

Best Value!

Maximize your savings and space with our best-value $849 full truck rate! Imagine the relief of clearing out enough stuff to fill an entire truck. We take care of all the lifting and loading, offering you a fresh start in your clutter-free home.

What's Not Included?

While our pricing proudly covers all labor for lifting and loading, a few things aren't covered in our base rate, ensuring you know exactly what to expect:

  • Sales Tax: A straightforward 6.625%, as mandated.

  • Special Disposal Fees: For items like TVs, monitors, tires, and propane tanks, reflecting their unique disposal needs.

  • Complex Disassembly: Additional charges apply for large workout equipment and custom furniture needing extra work.

  • Construction Debris: Certain construction materials due to their extra costs at the State licensed disposal facilities.

  • Bagging: Bagging of large quantities of "knick-knacks" for disposal

  • Hefty Hauls: Items needing 3 or 4-person lifts are also subject to additional charges.


Our approach ensures transparency, letting you enjoy our service without any surprises. For clarity or a detailed quote, we're just a call away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you go inside my home and remove the items?: 

Absolutely! The advantage of hiring a service like ours is we do the work.

Do I need to know how much I'm going to have before booking?:

No, not at all. Just give us a rough idea of what items need to go when you book with us. When our truck team comes out they're ready to remove as much, or as little as you want. If your service requires more than one truck, we can finish with one truck and return later the same day if possible, or schedule the next available slot.

How do I know the price beforehand?:

Feel free to book a pick-up with our online booking pagewhen the crew arrives show them what needs to go. Each pick-up comes with a no-obligation quote based on our transparent, tiered pricing. Know your cost upfront and proceed only if you're satisfied.

Is your pricing competitive?: 

You bet! We offer prices that stand toe-to-toe with both the big national players and local outfits alike. Plus, we believe in transparency, providing clear pricing upfront so you can easily budget for our services.

How big is your truck?: 

Our trucks are 15 cubic yards. Roughly, the dimensions are 12ft long, 8ft, wide, 4.6ft tall. 

I have another question: 

No problem! There are plenty of ways to reach us. Submit your question here, chat with us on our website, or simply give us a call at 888-533-5865. We're here to help!

Larger Job, Need An Estimate? - Contact Us Today!

At Jersey Junkers, we're dedicated to providing a fast and efficient service that makes our junk removal service as easy as possible for you. For smaller jobs, we're happy to provide a quick, estimate over the phone, without the need for an on-site assessment. This approach helps us save time and resources, which means we can pass those savings on to you and provide our services at an even more affordable price. 


For larger projects that require an on-site assessment, we're always happy to schedule a visit at your convenience. Our experienced team members will assess the project and provide you with a detailed estimate, so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. We understand that your time is valuable, and we want to make the estimate process as convenient as possible.

No matter what your junk removal needs are, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our estimate process and get started on your project! Send us an email or send a photo to 888-533-5865Please leave us your name and address, and we'll reach right back out!

Why People Choose Jersey Junkers







Top Reasons Our Customers Love Us

With Jersey Junkers™, you're not just getting a junk removal service – you're getting a partner committed to your satisfaction. Our top priorities are to provide exceptional customer service and maintain a sustainable approach to junk removal. Here's why our customers choose us:

Quick and Easy Scheduling Process

Transparent Pricing Structure 

Friendly and Professional Team Members

On-Time and Efficient Junk Removal Services

Eco-Friendly Disposal and Recycling Practices

Support for Local Charities through Donations


Open M-F 8am-7pm 

Sat 8am-3pm


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