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Micro-Pick-Up Service

Handled By Only One Junk Removal Specialist

Available To Limited Zip-Codes At This Time Check Below For Eligibility

What is a Micro-Pick-Up?

Need a quick and hassle-free way to get rid of a few items? Our Micro Pick-Up service is your go-to solution for minimal junk removal.

For just $149, only one junk removal specialist will come to your location to remove a total of items that take up the equivalent of about five 50-gallon large totes. - think of a junk collection the size of a loveseat

One Person, Minimal Junk, Maximum Convenience

Our Micro Pick-Up is a one-person operation, designed for the removal of items that one specialist can easily manage. This service is perfect for when you have a few items that need to go but don't want, or have to wait for bulk pick-up days.


How Does It Compare to Our Minimum Service?

Don't confuse this with our minimum service, which comes with a two-person team and is priced at $199 which offers on-demand removal equivalent to a traditional sofa's volume. The Micro Pick-Up is specifically for less volume—think a loveseat worth


What types of items qualify?

Examples of Acceptable Item Types:

Small Appliances: Broken vacuums, old toasters, worn-out coffee makers, outdated microwaves

Children's Items: Kids' toys, bags of clothes, small playsets, old car seats

Household Items: Lamps, vases, small nightstands, picture frames, small mirrors

Recyclables: Large pieces of styrofoam, cardboard boxes, plastic containers

Garage Items: Old bikes, boxes of old books, hand tools, small ladders

Small Climate Control Units: Old floor dehumidifiers, small AC units, portable heaters


Examples of Unacceptable Items:

  • A sofa

  • A dining table

  • A refrigerator

  • Any item that requires more than one person to lift


So, if you've got a small closet's worth of items or just a few manageable pieces that you want gone, our Micro Pick-Up service is the hassle-free solution you've been looking for!

Check Zip Code Eligibility

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You are eligible for our Micro-Service!

Sorry, Micro-Pick-Ups are not eligible in your area at this time.

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