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Junk Removal Pricing

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Full-Service Residential Junk Removal Pricing

How we price our service

Pricing for Full Service Junk Removal is based on how much space your items take up in the truck. For example, it costs $199 to remove a pile of items totaling the size of a three-seat sofa, from anywhere in your home. Having an amount of junk equal to the back of a large full-size pickup truck would cost $349. This price includes State disposal fees as well.

Have only a single item?

Click here to see our NEW single-item pricing page.


What Full-Service Pricing Includes:

Labor of two, to remove your junk from your property and into our trucks

Transportation costs to disposal and donation sites

Junk disposal costs*

Full sweep-up!


*does not include certain electronics, tires, and some construction items

We do all the heavy lifting

Save $10 When You Book Online 

Below are some common prices. Somewhere in the middle? We have prices in between at $50 increments

Truck 1_4.png

1/4 Truck


Equal to one large pick-up truck bed full of junk

1/2 Truck


Equal to two large pick-up truck beds full of junk

Truck 3_4.png

3/4 Truck


Equal to three large pick-up truck beds full of junk

Truck Full.png

Full Truck


Equal to four large pick-up truck beds full of junk

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