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Understanding Your Single-Item Price

At Jersey Junkers, we believe in simplicity and transparency. When you enter your zip code, the price you see is typically the final cost for your single item removal, not including sales tax. Wondering what factors into this price? Here's a clear breakdown:


Size and Weight: Bigger, heavier items require more resources to haul away, which is reflected in the cost.

Complexity: Items that need to be disassembled or require special handling may take extra time, which is considered in the pricing.

Distance to Disposal Sites: The further we need to travel to dispose of your item, the more it costs in terms of time and fuel.

Disposal Fees: Certain items may have additional recycling or disposal fees, which are always included in the upfront price.

Access and Location: If your item is located in a hard-to-reach place (like a basement or attic), the extra effort is factored into the cost.


In some rare instances where an item presents exceptional challenges for removal (like being built into its surroundings), there might be additional costs. Rest assured, we'll always discuss this with you upfront and seek your approval before proceeding.


At Jersey Junkers, we're committed to providing you with consistent, reliable service at an honest and transparent price. We're here to make junk removal easy for you, and our team is always ready to help.

Upfront Pricing with No Hidden Costs: With Jersey Junkers, you can count on honesty and transparency. Our single item price is determined by a combination of factors, including size, weight, complexity, disposal fees, and location. If there are any rare exceptions where an item might incur additional costs, we'll always inform you upfront. We believe in providing top-notch service at a price that's clear and fair.


"Jersey Junkers made the removal of my old mattress a breeze! Their team was professional, punctual, and the pricing was transparent and fair."

Jennifer C. - Howell


About Jersey Junkers™

Since our establishment in 2012, Jersey Junkers has grown to become one of New Jersey's most trusted full-service local junk removal companies. We are dedicated to providing top-notch, consistent, and reliable service to both residential and commercial clients. From single-item removal to full property cleanouts, our expert team is ready to make quick work of your unwanted items, always ensuring a clear, honest, and transparent pricing policy. We are here to simplify your junk removal process. At Jersey Junkers, we believe in making junk removal easy for you.


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