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Junk Removal

We'll be in and out before you know it! Fast, convenient, and reliable service.

Get Rid Of Junk And Clutter With Jersey Junkers!

Looking for a way to get rid of junk, and other clutter? Look no further. Here at Jersey Junkers, we offer our go-to solution available to both homes and businesses. Just show our friendly team members what needs to go, and they'll do the rest.

Our junk removal service is great for all types of things:

Household Junk and Clutter

Furniture Removal

Garage Junk

Office Junk

Backyard Junk

Cardboard & Recycling

Storage-Unit Items

Household Trash

Old Electronic

 Bags of Clothing

Kids Toys

Seasonal Junk

Outdoor Yard Equipment


 Fitness Gear

 Bedroom Furniture

Office Junk

 Bulk Pick-Up Alternative

 On-Demand Removals

 And more!

How Our Service Works


Book online or call us at 888-533-5865


On the day of your scheduled appointment, a truck team member will reach out 30 minutes before arrival.


Show the team what needs to go. They'll give you an up-front price, which includes all the labor, and disposal costs.

See our junk removal pricing.


With your approval, our crew will get to work removing your unwanted items, ensuring they are properly disposed of or donated. - It doesn't get easier than that! 😊

residential home junk removal


How Much Does Trampoline Removal Cost?

The cost of removing your trampoline varies based on its size, location on your property, and type. Generally speaking, the average cost of dismantling and disposal is on average $299. Book an appointment online or call 888-533-5865 for an on-site assessment.

Your price will always include:



Eco-Friendly Disposal



Can I dispose of a trampoline myself?

Yes, but it's often a challenging task. Disassembling a trampoline requires at least two people and possibly power tools if parts are rusted. Additionally, many towns and municipalities do not accept trampolines as bulk pickup, complicating disposal.

Our service simplifies this process by taking care of disassembly and ensuring proper disposal in accordance with local regulations. Let us handle the hassle for you.

How much time does it take?

We're quick and convenient, that's the Jersey Junkers way. After we arrive on-site, you can expect complete removal to take about one hour.

Is my trampoline recyclable?

Yes! Most of the trampoline is recyclable material. We bring the metals to processing facilities, and what can't be recycled goes to another facility for proper disposal.

Check Availability!


Open M-F 8am-7pm 

Sat 8am-3pm


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