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Construction Materials

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How we price.

Considered most transparent in pricing by our customers. Especially ones that have used our franchised competitors in the past. No games here, we want your trust and repeat business.
Our crews even sweep up when the job is complete!


Construction Debris Pricing

Recently renovated?  

Our construction rate pricing is a little different than our regular volume based pricing.
We will generally have a price for the pick-up, and then will charge you based on weight of the debris. This way you pay for only what you need. 

Pick-Up Rate 

Our construction pick-up rate is is based on accessibility and ease of pick up of the pile. For example, an easy to access pile of bagged debris, that is not loose and scattered, would cost less than a pile in a basement that is loose scraps.

Disposal Rate

This is the rate we charge to dispose of your materials at a State licensed facility.
We charge you per pound so you truly only pay for what your stuff weighs. All disposal weights come detailed on our receipts.


Special Price Variables
Some junk pick-ups have special pricing such as, buildings with elevators, pick-ups that require bagging of small knick-knacks, televisions, computer monitors, items that require special disassembly (custom wall units, bunk beds, exercise equipment, etc), items that have to be cut-up to be removed, items that require more than a crew of two to carry (excessive weight), and hoarding situations.

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